VEXnet 2.0 Problem

I’m having trouble updating to VEXnet 2.0.

After updating the VEXnet keys to 2.0 and the joystick firmwear and Cortex firmware and master firmware to 4.25 the joystick and Cortex appear to link on the tether (3 green joystick lights) but not with the keys (on joystick: “JOYSTICK” light green, “VEXnet” light flashing rapidly).

With the tether in place all programmed motors (RobotC sample programs loaded normally using tether) run for three seconds at Cortex turn-on but do not respond to joystick inputs. With or without VEXnet keys installed all programmed motors run continuously at Cortex turn-on.

All VEX updates were done on a Windows 7 PC on the school’s network running RobotC 4.52.

What am I doing wrong?