Vexnet 2.0 (white keys) no joystick calibration

After using Vexnet Upgrade Utility V4.1.2 and Cortex_V4_22.bin, I find that vexnet 1.0 (black) usb keys will do the joystick calibration (button 6up + config) as normal, but the new Vexnet 2.0 (white) usb keys do not.

Has anyone else noticed this, or have a workaround for Vexnet 2.0?

Hello jgraber,

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Yes, the calibration procedure changed with the VEXnet Keys 2.0
Basically the user no longer needs to tether in order to calibrate. Attached is the new revision of the instructions.

Let me know if you require further assistance.

VEXnet-UserGuide-20140507 (1).pdf (302 KB)

Vex staff pointed me to updated documentation on page 9 of this document: Quoted below:

I suggested they search for “joystick calibration” on and update every place that shows up.