VexNet 2.0 & Wireless Downloading

First off I would like to thank the amazing work the Vex engineers have done for VexNet 2.0! We have enjoyed its improved reliability and increased connection speed.

However with the time that has passed since its release and combing through the forums I have one question. Is there a time estimate for an update to the firmware that would allow wireless downloading/debugging? Reason why I ask is that we have found that to be an invaluable tool with VexNet 1.0 and hope to utilize it with VexNet 2.0.

We’re working to finalize it. I hate providing software release dates because unexpected delays always seem to pop up.

I can tell you we have a firmware version in-house which seems happy, and we expect it to go to 3rd party regression testing next week.

So… if everything goes well… it will be out soon. :slight_smile: