VEXnet 2.0

We recently purchased VEXnet 2.0’s and have had many, many, many bumps in the road to get them to work. First off, we tried to download all that firmware to set up for the new keys through RobotC and well, yeah it didn’t work. Then we got a new laptop and tried downloading it directly through VEX. In the end we ended up with a smoking cortex with ports that no longer worked, a fried A to A, and an unmoving robot that would not connect with anything. All, with just a few hours until the day of the State Championships. We replaced our Corte , our motors, and our A to A, and somehow we pulled it together. Anyone else had problems with the new keys? Now our connection works great and the keys fit perfectly… But the beginning was very interesting, to say the least!

You’re going to need to be a tad more specific. What didn’t work? Code uploading? A connection?

How did you upload the firmware? RobotC AFAIK cannot upload the new firmware yet. You should read thru this thread for some help setting it up.

I’m not sure what that means. Firmware updates should be done directly plugged into the computer over USB. You should upgrade the firmware of both the cortex and joystick.

I highly doubt this had anything to do with the firmware. You likely had a short somewhere. As you explained, you changed our cortex and motors. The problem was very likely in a shorted motor and probably had nothing to do with the keys. I would check all your motors by plugging them directly into a battery backup (so if it’s shorted you don’t fry a cortex) and wiggling the wires around, carefully examining for any damage or for them the motor to stop spinning (in which case it is probably shorted). The problem was probably the motor plugged into Ports 1 or 10 because typically (but definitely not always) a shorted motor plugged into a motor controller causes the controller to smoke, not the cortex.

Almost definitely not the keys if you have no issues now. Check all your wiring for shorts.