Vexnet 2.0

Were the vex 2.0 keys working well at worlds? Just wondering since my club was planning on buying a bunch of keys.


no problems at all ! we occurred no dropouts on or off field !

also, they gave us 2 free vexnet 2 keys :wink: in the goody bag !

They’re a definite improvement. At one of the tournaments I went to earlier in the year everybody was having issues with DCing all day except the people on the new keys. Another team was nice enough to loan us some of theirs and the problem stopped.

No issues at worlds with connection on the new keys.

The new vexnet keys are way better. I have used them at three competitions this year and haven’t had any problems.

I was impressed with how well VEXnet 2.0 worked. There was bunch of stuff going on “behind the scenes” to ensure it’s success and several teams had to be upgraded to the latest firmware despite having been checked during inspection. Congratulations to the team of engineers that did this development work.

Which goody bags were these?

They were in the welcome kits. We got a drawstring bag, some cards, two keys per team, and a pad of paper. We’ve got 14 keys now for three robots…

Thanks Guys!

I sincerely wish our team had used them before our friday qualification matches. Because switching from the old keys to the new ones requires upgrading to RobotC 4.0 (or so I was told), we decided to stick with the old keys till the end of worlds.

On Thursday, we were in first for science several times with a record of 7-1, and then 20 seconds into drivers for our first match on friday (which the hardest match of our schedule), we lost connection. We reconnected and did everything we could but we couldn’t move or anything for some reason even though we were connected. We had a large ball halfway in our intake and all we needed to do was turn 90 degrees and launch and we would have won the match.

We immediately went back to our pits, redownloaded all the code, firmware, repaired the cortex and controller, put in all new batteries as usual; everything we could for our final match. We tested before our match and everything was fine. We went to the field, and we never moved the whole match.

We then went to the software support table just in case someone picked us for eliminations (we were still in 16th place), and they couldn’t find the problem either. They said they could update the firmware for the 2.0’s, and everything has worked perfectly since. Wish we had gotten picked :frowning:

The point of all this being, the old VEXNET’s left us high and dry, so do NOT delay in switching over to 2.0. It may be the difference between having a shot at placing in world’s or not. It definitely did for us.

P.S. Sorry if there was too much personal story to this. I feel sick just mentally reliving those two matches…

I feel ya bro…:frowning: Three out of our 6 matches at states were lost because of connection issues… we couldn’t even do skills… our robot wouldn’t work in that field…:frowning:

I’ve heard mixed feelings from both sides, but I’d only suggest it if you’re having problems with 1.0 or just want to upgrade.

For Toss Up, I used the same 1.0 keys since the beginning of my season, and have had no connection issues during matches the entire year (I played in I believe 4 tournaments).

Not true. v3.63 supports VEXnet 2.0 (and in reality older versions as well although download and debug does not work as well wirelessly with 3.62 and earlier).

What did you hear that was negative?

There are a couple of issues that need fixing for ROBOTC debug reliability, but other than that I see no reason not to upgrade to the 4.22 master firmware at this point (other than the fact that there will almost certainly be another version).

Yes…I unfortunately learned that AFTER those two matches. By about 10 minutes. :frowning:

Our robots used to D/C a LOT. We switched to 2.0 almost as soon as it came out and we haven’t had a single D/C since. There is no reason not to buy them and use them now, they are extremely reliable.

Yeah we had a problem related to the 1.0’s that wouldn’t let us download the programming skills code I had put together on the plane. It was all tested functions so I know for a fact that we would have scored over 70 points. We would have won programming skills at world’s by almost 10 points…as a first year team :frowning:

It’s always a bad idea to be trying to download code wirelessly at competitions, use the USB A-A cable between the joystick and cortex.

There were many people who would have helped you with this at worlds, just about every “expert” involved with VEX was there, you should have asked for help.

Yeah that was our bad :frowning: Our match schedule was tight and we didn’t even think about it that much.

But on the other hand, we’ve come a LONG way this year. No one on my team (including me) had even seen vex before this year, and we just learned wherever and whenever possible. This next year is going to be challenging but awesome! I can’t wait to see all the ideas our team comes up with :smiley:

By the way thanks so much for all your coding and RobotC help this year! You’re definitely at the top of my list of people I want to meet at world’s next year!