VEXnet and Game Lights Solid Red

While going through some of the older cortex’s from our high school, we came across one labeled “broken”. Plugging in a battery and turning it on, the VEXnet Light and the Game Light turn solid red, while the robot light remains off. The same exact thing happens when plugged into a PC. When trying to connect with the VEXnet Upgrade Utility, the device can not be found, and the window continues saying “Connect VEXnet Device”. We also can not download any firmware from RobotC, or download any code. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a way to fix it, or is it dead? Thanks for all help, we attached a photo below for reference. The lights remain the same as the picture for over two minutes.

Have you tried to reset the Cortex? Have a battery connected to the Cortex, push in the config button using an allen wrench or paper clip (next to the back-up battery connection), then turn on the Cortex. Hold until all the lights flash. Then turn off the Cortex, take it to the computer and try downloading the firmware.
Good Luck

Thank you for your help! When holding down the config button and turning on the cortex, all lights turned green. We were able to download firmware if we connected the cortex to a PC while holding down the config button, and then releasing the config button and downloading the firmware.