Vexnet at Gateway Worlds


I am wondering if the system that was used for vexnet last year at worlds will be used again this year? and if so has it been modified in any way from last year?


Dear mbrunn,

Thanks for the question.

Q: Will there be AC power at the field for our VEX Joystick power supply?
A: During the World Championship, teams will be provided with VEXnet Joystick Power Adapters ( at the fields so drivers can plug in their Joysticks and ensure they have good power during a match.

The information above and more can be found in the World Championship FAQ located at:

Ok thankyou for that information. that was part of my question. The other part is will the vexnet keys that we use be our own, or will they be provided and attached to the field as they were last year and connected via USB tether to our joysticks?

Are the fields at worlds using the Remote Key Station assembly like they did last year. i asked previously, but did not get a straight answer about that portion. thanks.

I saw from the link that for the secondary driver plugs the cable into the program port for power, but the vex partner joystick does not have a program port just a factory port, so do we use the factory port to give power to the partner joystick?