VEXnet autonomous terminal printing problem

Hello VEX staff,
I am mentoring the OCCRA Vex portion of the competition (20 teams, next Saturday)and am having difficulty printing out anything in the autonomous portion inside the terminal window.

  1. I upgraded VEX hardware and software (EasyC V2.9.3.0) and new mastercode
  2. I downloaded on-line code and verified that slider moves motor fast/slow back/forward
  3. I created new project competition template and placed simple print routine inside while
    loop in both autonomous and operator control functions. ALso place tank command in operator control.
  4. After download, terminal window shows operator control, but never autonomous control print statements which makes code debugging difficult for students/anyone.
  5. I have powered up/down VEX controller after downloading to see if makes a difference -none.
  6. The new VEXnet competition switch Simulator was tested and it operates properly - verified by VEXnet lights and motor operation (But it doesn’t seem to allow one to go back to terminal window to see printing – at times).
  7. Need help on what steps are necessary to force autonomous operation, hence printing, for the new VEXnet system? Do I need jumper in AD13?
    Autonomous_Vexnet_01.pdf (549 KB)

Mark, this is an interesting problem, it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. Because the switch is software driven the robot is supposed to leave competition mode when you navigate away from the switch. We will definitely take a look at it on Monday. In the meantime a workaround is to create a autonomous function and call it in operator control to test/debug. Then just call it in autonomous mode when you practice. Maybe we should move the VexNet controls to the Terminal Window.

Any progress on this issue? The first OCCRA competition of the fall 2009 season is tomorrow morning with 20 teams

Mark, unfortunately we have to test everything before we can release a new rev of the software. We also have a few other little issues that we must fix including a new spin of the v8 Master Code. The solution I gave you should work, you can also build a real competition switch and that will work fine with the terminal window.