VexNet autonomus programing with VexNet Competition switch!!!

I am trying to program autonomous code with the vex net system for vex competitions. But I can’t figure out how to do it. Is there a certain way your supposed to do things to program with Vex Net and the Vex Net competition Switch? Thanks!!!

Please read the help file, the process is very well documented in a separate section dedicated to the VEXnet system.

You can program directly to the controller or you can program over wifi.

The virtual competition switch allows you to toggle between Operator Control/Autonomous and Enable/Disable.

Hope this helps!

Goto: New Competition Project and Select VexNet

Add items under the Autonomous function

We have found an issue with the virtual competition switch the prevents debugging via the Terminal Window, we are working on a solution. For now as long as you stay on the Virtual Competition Switch page you can toggle between Auto/Operator and Enable/Disable

Can Someone please explain to me the steps to program with Vex Net. Thanks!!!

Step 1- Connect VEXnet hardware - (from the easyC help file)

Hardware Setup

To set up the VEXnet Tx Upgrade Module:

*] Connect the wireless USB adapter to the Tx upgrade module
*] Connect the programming cable from the computer to the Tx upgrade module
*] Connect the battery to the transmitter through the Tx upgrade module
To set up the VEXnet Rx Upgrade Module:

*] Connect the wireless USB adapter to the Rx upgrade module
*] Connect the serial cable from the Rx upgrade module to the controller
*] Connect the battery to controller through the Rx upgrade module
**Step 2 - Verify Wifi connection
Turn on the transmitter, VEXnet Tx and robot controller. Once they link to each other (as indicated by the LED pattern, Chart in easyC help file) you can program your robot over the wireless network. If you cannot get your transmitter and Robot controller to link, please contact IFI.

As a last resort, you can unplug the VEXnet Rx module and plug the orange programming cable directly into the serial port. This is how it was done previous to the new VEXnet technology.

**Step 3 - Program Robot
Write your program and select the Build and Download icon.

There are several tutorials in the Getting Started section of the easyC Help file if you need help with programming your robot with easyC.

Step 4 - Have Fun!

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the Info!!!. However when I downloaded a motor test code the code wouldn’t run. And it also wouldn’t run with the vexnet competition switch. It also, after I loaded the code on, wouldn’t let me use driver control mode either.
Please Help!! thanks !!!

Did you update your master code to V8?

I have downloaded the latest wifi mater code and firmware on my micro controller. The robot works fine in radio control mode but when I load the program into the controller it seems as if the master code is erased and I have to reload the master and firmware code to make it work again but that erases the test code. Please Help if you can!!! Thanks Alot!!!

Are you creating your code in a Competition Project? You should be able to use the virtual competition switch in the Loader window to switch between the Autonomous and Operator control functions. Can you post your code so we can take a look at how it is setup?

The controller can only hold one program at time. The Master code only needs to be loaded once. When this is done, it wipes out the current user code and requires the user code to be reloaded. The user code can not overwrite the master code.

How do you create code as a competition project. And how do I use the virtual competition switch. Thanks!!!

Goto File -> Create New Competition Project

The VexNet switch is under “Build and Download”

Thanks for all the help!!!