VEXnet competition issue - feedback

mbrunn - I know you are looking for official feedback, however, I wanted to let you know I did try your code last night and didn’t notice any significant issues. Autonomous and operator control seem to start as needed, it looks like you have to use LCD buttons during autonomous and I didn’t have any sensors hooked up so obviously the code could not function correctly.

I also could not duplicate the exact LED sequence you mentioned, the closest I could come had the VEXnet flashing rather than solid red. This happened when the USB WiFi dongle was removed (on the joystick I think, sorry did not make notes). Perhaps you had a loose joystick WiFi USB key. Best I can think of I’m afraid.

thanks for trying to troubleshoot. we probably will end up replacing the joysticks that we use and keep our current ones for spares if we cannot find any better results. i will keep people posted on what if anything we discover.