VEXnet Competition Switch

I’m proud to announce the release of the VEXnet Competition Switch. Use the VEXnet Competition Switch to enable/disable up to four (4) VEXnet robots. This switch also has the ability to toggle between autonomous & operator control mode. Includes one (1) cable. Use this kit to simulate a VEX Field Controller for match practice!

Sorry if this answer is available elsewhere, but can this switch also run with the Crystals?

Using the VEXnet can you run autonomous and operator control without this competition switch? Or will you just be able to run operator control?

I guess i’m wondering if the vexnet will run like crystals where the first 20sec after you turn it on is autonomous and then 2 min of operator control.

It’s somewhat hard to tell from just the pictures, but the VEXnet competition connector is a different plug than the tether plug that you use when using the crystals, so I don’t think this switch can be used without the VEXnet upgrade. If you look at this wiki page, you’ll see that a regular RJ45 Ethernet cable is used to connect the VEXnet upgrade to the switch, which is different than the telephone cord that is used with the crystal radios.

However, the good news is that it’s really easy to make a start-stop switch for the crystal radios. Look at this wiki page for details on how to do that.

In the newest version of EasyC there is a VEXnet competition switch simulator. Does this provide the same function as the hardware switch? If so, how would you connect the programming cable to your robot while also having the vexnet connected to the microcontroller to run this?

Nevermind. I got it to work. I just had to plug the programming cable into the serial port on the transmitter rather than the mircrocontroller.

VEXnet is so cool!