VEXnet Competition Switch

If anyone could point me in the direction of the schematics, it would be much appreciated. Google and forum searching was un-fruitful.

I’m almost certain they’re out there, but can’t find where.

Thanks for reading.

The PDF is here, linked from the downloads page.


  • Dean

For what it’s worth, I’ve made these by cutting a cable with molded ends in half and then using a double pole, double throw switch with a center off. (

A few moments with an iron and some heat shrink to seal it off and I’m good to go.

One way it’s auto on, the other way its operator on. A little easier to manage than the standard switch since it fits in the carry box. We did a pair for our first VEXnet event and someone liked them so much they kept them.

I have a need to make about 15 of these in the next month. :eek: Thanks for the reminder.

Maybe Quazar can make one of his spiffy drawings to show how to make it.

Thanks for the information. Pretty much what I’d expect it to be, just making sure there weren’t any unexpected surprises.

Will have some fun tinkering this weekend then.

Best of luck with your 15+.