Vexnet Connection Help with joystick New Robotics Teacher

Need help establishing vex net connection between cortex and joystick. I cannot get the green vexnet light on the cortex to turn green. I was able to get the joystick vex net light to turn green. Here are my steps:

A)Switched communication mode on Robot C to Competition Vex net
Downloaded new master firmware

  1. Connected Joystick to computer via orange tether

  2. Switch joystick to on position

  3. Downloaded new firmware (vexnet joystick)
    4)Connected battery to cortex
    5)Connected orange tether to cortex to joystick

  4. Turned Cortex to On position

  5. Game and Robot light turn green but not vexnet light
    I believe what I mentioned above is the problem because they are not pairing

  6. From here I realize you need to insert vexnet keys but I cannot get a green light on the cortex with vexnet.

Any ideas Thanks

The Vexnet keys have firmware as well.

Download Vexnet key firmware utility from here:

Plug each key into the PC and have it update the key’s firmware.

It worked! Thanks