VEXNet Connection Issues!!!

Help!! When we turn our robot on, the VEXNet connects for just a second and then the VEXNet lights start to slowly flash red. We’ve tried everything with no luck. Competition in two days!

Have you tried new keys? Does everything work while connected with USB A-A cable? Do you have a backup battery plugged in? Is the main battery securely plugged into the cortex?

Yes we have tried everything except new keys; I’m about to right now.

We saw that our actual USB plugs were bent, a little bending seemed to solve the problem, for now. This should NOT be a solution, however.

If the USB plug is broken on either the key or the microcontroller, that device is effectively broken. You’ll need to consider purchasing new keys/microcontroller depending on which has a bent USB plug.

Yep. We’ll watit for VEXNet 2.0 keys.