VEXnet Extension

I was wondering if any of you have a usb extender on your robot for the vexNET. I have recently bought a 6" cable and was wondering how you attatched it to the robot. I was thinking about making a polycarb holder that would fit around the usb and hold the top of the vexNET. If you have a different idea, let me know.

We just ziptie the cable to a piece of metal and ziptie our usb to a vertical or horizontal mounted standoff on the outside of the robot somewhere (within 18x18x18).

So is there anything to hold the vexnet onto the cable?

Not for our bot. This way if we need to change it out quickly we can and we have never lost a usb in any match or practice.

So like where is it on your robot? And when you say never lost usb, do you mean like it getting pulled out?

Also, what kind of cable do you use?

Usualy we place it close to the back and under the lift. And yes we never had it pulled out before.

We use a USB male>female cable, whatever length we have.

Do you by any chance have a picture? I just want an idea.

I dont have a pic here (posting by android). I can post one later tonight though.

Ok. Thank you

Make sure you’re aware of rule <R7>

A polycarbonate holder seems like a great idea to hold the key in place. Some mesh or something frictiony between a piece of polycarb and the key would hold the key in place if zip-tied to the polycarb.

Yes, I remember this rule. That is why I was thinking polycarb instead of metal. I could even drill screw holes in the back!

We have our VEXnet key on a USB extension cable, with the extension cable mounted to a small 1x3 metal piece. We have a loop of latex tubing that goes through one of the holes in our metal piece and over the top of the VEXnet key in order to apply downward pressure and keep the key snug and secure in the extension cable.

I like this idea. We have plenty of latex tubing.