VEXnet Failure

This is my first time connecting a Cortex and VEXnet Joystick remote. I have followed what this guide says:

I connect the male to male usb ports to the Cortex and VEXnet Joystick remote, and I turn the cortex on. It then says to wait for the ROBOT, and VEXnet to blink green. Only the ROBOT blinks green. What do I have to do to get the VEXnet to blink green?

I just re downloaded the firmware for each item (Cortex and VEXnet Joystick).

Any help would be appreciated!

Edit: Here is a picture of the lights that are now working…

Have you been programming your robot using a wired connection to the PC up until now? If so, check in ROBOTC that your Robot > Vex Cortex Communication Mode is set to “VEXnet or USB”.

Once you change the mode remember to download a program to the Cortex to transfer the setting.