VEXnet joystick power adapter: needs better strain relief?

So some time last year, my robotics instructor ordered a few sets of the VEXnet joystick power adapter, so we wouldnt need to run batteries dead during practice. However, over time and with moderate use (no shocks or abuses to the adapter) I noticed my team’s was getting finicky, and we needed to wiggle the connector to get it to work. Today, I noticed that it didn’t work at all. On closer inspection, I saw this:


Looks like the negative wire broke off inside. Once I get approval to repair it, I’ll probably just cut this connector off and splice on one from a phone line (only 4 pins, but the plastic body is the same size, fits perfectly, and has the 2 pins I need to make this work). I will definitely add hot glue to the backs of the ones that are working. Unless mine was damaged without me seeing it happen or something like that, which leads me to my main question: Has anyone else had an issue with this connector or is mine an odd one out?](

I have had a similar issue. To solve it we taped the power cable to the joystick at just the right angle. I will probably buy another RJ-11 connector and re-crimp the end.

Same here. We have the same problem. The sale person tell us that we have to take caution with that VEXnet joystick power adapter because the connector is not good.
Can any body show how to correct this with another RJ-11 connector?
Were to put the 2 wires in the 4 pins?