VEXnet Joystick Problems (Help wanted!)

My VEXnet joystick is having a problem. When I power on the controller with key in and turn on the cortex, some lights will beep then it will come down to the VEXnet light double flashing red (on the joystick).

In the VEXnet User guide the troubleshooting flow chart brought me to the conclusion that they key could not be detected. This is weird because when tethered the connection works just fine. It seems as if it is a usb key problem.

Has anyone had this problem before? If so, and even if you haven’t had this problem, can you help me solve this problem?

Side Note: The blue light on the VEXnet key IS lighting blue.

Yeah, we get that somewhat often, actually.

It means you have a broken VEXnet Key. You need to send the pair into VEX via RMA and get them repaired, or buy a new set.

We’ve broken at least 2-3 keys this year. It’s no big deal. I hope you have spares, though, because you really don’t have time for the RMA to process by Worlds unless they’ve sped up the process. Last time, I think it took like 3-4 weeks to get ours back. We are bringing something like 10 keys with us to Worlds, just in-case this happens and we don’t have time to run to the VEX store. It’s random when it will, and will completely screw you over in a match.

Ahh ok, thanks for the reply. I will send them in and get new ones then.