VEXnet Key Extension Cables

I’ve seen a bunch of teams that plugged a usb cable into their cortex and then plugged their vexnet key into that cable. I was wondering where they got theirs and if it was for sale by vex or somebody else.

You can get them on amazon or best buy.

It’s just a standard USB extension cable. VEX does not sell one. You can buy them where ever you normally buy USB cables. Here are a couple from amazon:



I know a lot of teams use them with success, but that was not our experience. Make sure you test them thoroughly before you use them at a tournament. We didn’t do that and couldn’t figure out our connection issues that day until we removed the extension. It was a slightly loose connection between the USB extender and the cortex and if the robot was moved in just the right way we would lose connection.

We also have them available at Robosource:

If Robosource sells it, buy it from them. They’ve done the work to determine what’s compatible.

The price is really good too. I have not seen a usb extension sold that cheap before.

Yes, excellent price. Wow. It would be hard to make money at that price if they got the cables for free.