VEXnet key issues

Hello all,

My team is just recently established and are trying to get used to the VEX tournament style. We’ve started out by putting together the VEX Clawbot and are trying to pair it with the joystick; however, we are unable to do so. After pairing the CORTEX with the Joystick using the USB A-A cable, both VEXnet LEDs on the CORTEX and Joystick are solid green. After plugging in the keys, the two will not pair. We have installed the Master CPU firmware v4.23 to the CORTEX, and all other necessary firmware to the CORTEX, Joystick, and VEXnet 2.0 keys. If someone could be of assistance while troubleshooting, it would be appreciated.

~MC RoboTigers

Hello RoboTigers1867,

It sounds like you do not have the correct version of master code for your Cortex. Which compiler are you using to upload the firmware?

If you can post a screenshot of the version you are using it will be of great help. I await your response.