VEXNet Key Testing

We’ve been having problems with our VEXNet Keys disconnecting between the Cortex and Joysticks. Over the last few months, we’ve been slowly sending them in two or three at a time to the VEX Store via RMA as they break, but now is seems like half of them have died at once.

Is the VEX Store at Worlds going to include whatever equipment is used to test the VEXNet Keys? What exactly does that process entail? And will it be available for either personal or professional testing? We really don’t have time to send the keys in before Worlds and get them back with enough time to practice driving.

Team 127,

50% of your units failing overnight is very unlikely, are you sure you don’t have an interference problem?
WiFi networks on channels 6 & 11 may interfere with VEXnet communication.

The VEX Store will have the VEXnet Keys available for purchase and the Field Technicians will be prepared to handle/exchange faulty keys.

We will not have our full VEXnet Key test at Worlds, as this is a procedure that has to be done in a very specific environment; however, we will be prepared to test your keys in other ways.
Our full VEXnet Key test will not be available for personal testing.

The turnaround time for key testing is one day, contact us directly and I will test/return your keys before you miss your practice:


I’m sorry, a 50% failure rate is an extreme exadgeration. We just had a couple more that have stopped working recently of the 10-12 we own. And they don’t completely fail, just certain pairings (like pairing key 1 with 2) won’t work while others (say 1 with 3 or 2 with 3) will.

It’s no big deal. I was more curious than anything. How exactly do you go about testing VEXNet Keys?