Vexnet keys heating up?

Has anyone else experienced the Vexnet keys heating up? Like, almost hurts to hold them heating up? My team is having a lot of disconnecting issues with our robot after using it for half an hour or so, and we noticed that the Vexnet keys are really really hot. Do the keys normally heat up through sustained use, or is something wrong with our keys? They are reasonably old, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were damaged, and we do have spares, but I am just interested to know if anyone else has this?

I’m not sure if the disconnecting is actually being caused from the keys heating up, but that’s my best guess.

We have not experienced this sort of heating up, but we use USB A-A cables for practice to conserve joystick batteries. You won’t lose connection if you use the cable. As long as the keys work for 5 minutes, you should be fine at competition.

We have also had the heat issue while using the keys (directly plugged into the cortex) for an extended period of time. We now use a short USB cable to let our VEXnet key be away from our Cortex - We have not had any connection issues or over heating after this change.

We just did this and it hasn’t disconnected since :D. Thanks so much!!!

Your welcome :smiley:

Yes, this is a known problem. As the others said, you can use the cable, but also make sure that the key is properly ventilated in your robot. There should be nothing smothering the key ore preventing airflow. There should also be minimal metal near the key to prevent connection issues.

Hmm… We have a slightly similar issue where both keys on the Cortex and on the Joystick warm up, but they only get mildly hot; they have, however, been losing link, and we are getting new test keys to see if that is the problem. But like Telemascope said, they could just be old.

Yeah, our Vexnet key was basically inside a “cage of metal”, as our cortex is located in between the chassis, tower, and angled support struts for the tower. I suppose this would cause overheating problems and interference issues. Its now mounted outside this “cage” on an extension cable and its performing perfectly.

Make sure if you’re using an extension cable that there is no metal within 2" of the end of the key. It makes the key stick out, but it’s the rules.