Vexnet Keys Interference?

I know that the new keys are designed to have less interference than the old black keys, but at a comp yesterday we were unable to do anything during multiple matches because the connection would drop randomly. Our key is buried in the center of our robot (under a lot of metal bracing and the mogo 4-bar), but we’ve done it before with no issues. Batteries are fresh, and it only occurred during the competition (not salty nope).

This could be due to your cortex losing power. We have rubber bands keeping the battery firmly connected.

Did you have a 9V backup battery in?

We have tape securing the batteries to the robot as well, and we only experienced this during 3 qual matches - the other two/three hours spent driver practicing on the practice field were fine.

To clarify, I mean that the rubber bands pull the battery plug into the slot. I have never had issues with keys disconnecting, in my experience it is usually a power problem.

Yeah - It may have been the backup battery cable (which was unsecured and pulling at an odd angle sometimes).

I think that @tabor473 was asking about your 9V battery because sometimes a low-power or dead 9V can cause problems for your robot.

We had a similar issue where our robot would only disconnect during matches and not during practice. It fully disconnected us from the game, so our robot would continue running its motors without the code to tell them to stop, even after the end of the game. Our problem was solved by changing the cortex.