VEXnet Keys

Please help…I have cortexes and joysticks that successfully pair with the orange usb. When switching over to the VEXnet keys the connection lasts for about 30 seconds and then drops…even with the two sitting right next to each other. Cortex and joystick have updated firmware. Batteries are fine. Is it a key issue? I have the older black keys that have been discontinued. Any help you can give would be much appreciated!

The old VEXnet keys might be your problem. The updates on the cortex and the joysticks are for the new keys. I would recommend buying the new keys and seeing what happens.

Often, having wirelessly connected devices too close to each other actually inhibits the connection rather than helping it. I do believe that concept applies to VEXnets as well.

Additionally, to have an ideal VEXnet connection, you need line of sight between the tops of each VEXnet (the tops are the sides with the VEXnet logos). Having them sitting next to each other presumably doesn’t ensure line of sight.

If we have an open guest wi-fi in our building (new this year) could that potentially be the problem?

Maybe, but not likely. We have had open wi-fi in our building for years and cannot attribute any issues with the robot to that wi-fi. I think nleos answer is most likely the case. The black VEXnet keys have not been supported for several years and the latest firmware upgrades are not likely terribly compatible with the older keys. Very different communication protocol.

Also you may want to check your code, if it stops at 30 seconds every time exactly you may have it set up(unintentionally) to cut out at 30 when driver is enabled.

We use a set of the black keys with our middle school robot and the latest firmware and EasyC v4 with no problems. I think I migrated that Cortex to the latest robotC firmware in the last couple of months and it still works with the black keys. I would check your code.