Vexnet lagging?

When we practice driving our vexnet constantly disconnects. And after it does stay connected for >30 sec, there is a 2 - 3 second lag between the controller input and the robot moving. Ive updated the firmware, and there are no other wireless devices in the room except for smart phones and laptop. What could be causing it?

Post your code.

  • loose USB connector on cortex or joystick
  • bad VEXnet key

Do you have other keys to swap out?
Do you have another cortex?
Do you have another VEXnet joystick control?

Is your VEXnet key on the cortex surrounded with a lot of metal?

I have not seen this behavior, others may have.

Ehhhmm, i can PM it to you.

Our vexnet is next to an aluminum c channel.

How “next to”? Can you post a picture?

Its pressed against it with a ziptie

Aluminum should not interfere.

Is it connected with a USB extender cable. If so, add that to the list to check. Quick test would be to have it on the cortex directly and see if it performs better.

Could be a bad key - we were having all sorts of disconnect problems with ours and Vex let us trade them in for new ones; no problems at all once we got those!

I’ve seen this when the connection is bad i.e. my controller is on the around and the signal must go through the the field perimeter to get to my robot.

I sometimes experience lag between my controller and the robot. Generally turning the cortex off and on fixes it but if that doesn’t work then it is probably an issue with your code.