vexnet light is dark

trying to download a compiled program to vex cortex
when the cortex is turned on, the following lights are flashing:
the robot light is flashing green slowly
the game light is flashing green rapidly
the vexnet light is completely dark (should this light be green??)

I have an orange usb cable connected from my pc to the cortex.

when I try to download, I keep getting a message that “there is no communication link to the vex device”

I don’t understand because I have an orange usb cable connected to the vex from my pc.

I am new to this robot c stuff - and it is very frustrating. I thought it would be much easier to use…

any suggestions?? thanks!

Which version of ROBOTC?

Is the VEX driver installed correctly, go to com ports under device manager and see if the VEX robotics com port shows up.

Make sure you have current firmware and also downloaded the ROBOTC virtual machine firmware before trying to compile and download your user code.

I cannot post in the “Official VEX Tech support” thread, however, as you had asked an identical question here I feel I need to respond.

I think the tone of this reply coming from a teacher, if indeed you are a teacher, is quite disappointing. John (who does not work for Vex but rather one of the software suppliers) made a reasonable attempt to help. I think a more positive attitude towards whatever your problem is would be a better path to solving it.

I also see that this is not the first time you have posted about this type of issue. Back in August 2014 you asked a similar question and did not bother to respond to the suggestions made.

Come back with a better attitude and you will find many of the mentors and students that participate in vexforum will be willing and able to help. If you are just a Troll then … fill in the blank ].