VexNet Multiple Transmitters


Can anyone provide a link to instructions to set up the 6 channel FM Transmitter once the Reciever has been upgraded to VexNet?

Thank you.

I’m guessing you mean that you have the VEXnet upgrade bundle? ( ?) If so, you can go here to see how to install them: [



Thanks for your reply. I did mean the VexNet upgrade bundle.

Half my question was left out of my post. I meant to ask how to pair two transmitters to the same reciever. Would following the directions in the Pairing VEXnet Transmitters & Receivers section of that page for both transmitters work?

To see how to pair a single VEXnet remote transmitter to a VEXnet microcontroller reciever follow these steps:

To add a second transmitter, use the telephone/tether cable and plug one end into the “Tether” port on the second transmitter (The one without the VEXnet upgrade.) and plug the other end into the “Tx Input” port on the first transmitter. (The one that is VEXnet-upgraded.)



That’s simple enough. Programming wise, how do I get input from the second controller? There’s no GetTxInput function.


Nevermind, I figured it out. It can be accesed through GetRxInput channel 2.

Glad you’ve got it figured out!