Vexnet not working Flashing Red

Went through all the driver down loads updated everything we are running window 8 and disabled driver signing as per instructed in your wiki doc.

It established a link for a fraction of a second, motors turn for a fraction of a second…vexnet flashes red for a few seconds establishes a link again and repeat the cycle…?

Hello Mr Bartz,

Thanks for taking the time to visit our forum.
Based on your light sequence it sounds like you are using the VEXnet Keys 2.0 along with outdated firmware.

Are you using the VEXnet Keys 1.0 or 2.0?
If 2.0, did you already tried upgrading the firmware in your Microcontroller & Joystick?

I await your response.


We are using 2.0

We got the problem fixed. Thanks

Some the robots take a long time to link and sometimes require 2 or more trys. That is, we have green lights but during the down load process the link is lost and we have to restart the process over again.

any ideas

Mr Bartz,

Glad to hear the problem is resolved.
The VEXnet System might take 10-15 seconds to link-up, that is normal.
If you lose link during the “Download process” you might have WiFi interference in your room, I recommend a USB A-to-A download instead.