VEXnet Problem - URGENT!

When tethered our robot and program runs fine.

However when when Vexnet keys are inserted we cannot establish a connection, joystick lights for joystick and vexnet are flashing red.

We tried with new batteries in the joystick and new Vexnet keys - same problem is found.

Microcontroller flashes through all colors.

We have used the microcontroller and vexnet keys last year without problem.
(we are using a new laptop this year)

We have a competition next week.

Make sure you have the most recent firmware installed on the vexnet keys, joystick, and cortex.

We updated on the joystick and cortex. How do you update on the Vexnet keys?

Visit the VEX Software download page and the vexnet 2.0 firmware utility is part way down the page.

For this firmware utility do we plug the vex net key into the laptop.

Yes you would need to plug the vex net key into the laptop

When we download the software and try to install it, it doesn’t work.
We get error:
SetupCopyOEMInf() call failed - code - 536870535

We got the software working but the vexnetupgrade won’t detect the vexnet when we plug it in.

if you are using windows 8 or 10,the install zip file has instructions on installing the drivers for the vexnet keys

Also make sure that after any updates the cortex and controller are paired. Refer to page 1:

We have paired the cortex and the controller.

It may be related to Windows 10 we will try installing drivers then pairing again