VEXnet Released

Not sure if there was another forum on the release of the VEXnet, I didn’t see one so here we are.

I saw today that the VEXnet bundle was available for purchase, but they won’t be shipped out until July.

Not sure if I was just late to notice it. :D.

I saw a couple of the system online and a couple o’ things flashed out to me.

After seeing that picture, is it that both controllers will have to be secured by a tether during competition? Will VRC competitions have tethers available???

Just some thoughts. :D.

Since the control tower only controls the activation and/or deactivation of the controller, it should be that only one controller needs to be tethered, since the second one is transmitting through the first, there’s only one transmitter that needs to be activated/deactivated, instead of two

And anyways, the tether port on the second controller is used :confused:

Pretty sure that it’s

Tower ==>Transmitter #1 (x2) ==> Transmitter #2 (x2)

Where, if it isn’t inherently obvious, the ==> is a tether cable.

Hi Sunny,

FYI: We’ll have several of the WiFi systems setup for teams to test drive at the workshop/scrimmage in September. Check it out at

  • Mr F

:D. We’re ordering the systems today, and we should be getting them in the first couple of shipments in July, depending on how many people have already ordered them I guess. :P.

Mr. Folea, does Forsyth have any VRC teams?

We’re looking at about 12 teams this year.

Holy Shittake mushroom! That’s more expensive than I expected…

Wow…then we’ll definitely be looking forward to working with 1746 this year.