VEXnet Upgrade Issues


Earlier in the year our teacher bought some VEXnet upgrade kits for our class. So far, one set is working… but another one is experiencing a peculiar issue.

The modules of the set in question can not make a connection. They both flash green at 1 blink per second on the ROBOT light, with the other two lights not indicating anything. In fact the VEXnet light never turns on during the whole time I tried making these work (save for the red flashes mentioned below).

The microcontroller had VEXnet Master Code 9 and also has a custom program inside using the VEXnet competition project setting. I don’t think it was the issue in this case… as the working set had a similar program and ran it just fine.

I have tried pairing the transmitter of the malfunctioning set with the microcontroller of the working set but it just yields a similar blink… this time interrupted by a red flash on all three lights every 5 seconds. (This is during the pairing process.) No connection resulted from this.

I also tried multiple times to re-pair the two broken modules but without success of course… they just kept blinking green with the same speed (without the red flashes).

The USB keys are also not an issue. I took out the pair from the working set and substituted them for the pair from the broken set, and the dongles do establish a connection. So something is malfunctioning elsewhere.

Can someone diagnose this? =O

You have covered most of the trouble shooting steps that we would normally go through in your case. It is possible that the firmware in your units needs to be updated. Please contact me directly so I may further assist you:

Uhoh. I accidentally depressed the receiver config button while troubleshooting a week ago. ^_^’’ What do I do now? (VEXnet Transmitter is working fine.)