VEXnet velcro...

I just got my VEXnet Upgrade Bundle (yeah!) and am starting to set it up. I was immediately presented with a decision to make:

[INDENT]The VEXnet 802.11 keys are little USB-memory-stick-looking devices that are kept from shaking loose by the use of velcro circles. Does the 802.11 key get the hook or loop half of the velcro fastener?[/INDENT]

Since these keys look like they will be in use for a long time in the VEX product lineup, it occurred to me that we ought to standardize on a convention, to simplify swapping these keys around between equipment.

I am going to put the “loop” half (the fuzzy part) on the 802.11 key and the “hook” half (the bristly part) on the controller, as shown on this wiki page.

It is a trivial thing, but I wanted to post right away since folks all over the world will be having to apply their velcro over the next few days, and it would be nice if everybody got it the same way 'round.

If nobody objects, I’ll update the wiki page to suggest this velcro “polarity”.


  • Dean


That is our standard here at IFI. We have not completed the quick install guide, but that will be added.

As for alignment, notice that the loops line up with the edge of the sticker, and the hooks line up with the edge of the Microcontroller.

Go ahead and add it to the Wiki.