Vexnet with robotc

our team got the vexnet kits yesterday and put everything together, this year we are going to be using robotc to program our robot, i couldn’t find anything about how i should program with the vexnet, if there is another firmware to download or anything, so if you know of anything please let me know.
P.S i tried running it with the regular firmware and i couldn’t control it or download through the vexnet serial port on the back of the radio transmitter.

Start here:

thanks, but i couldn’t find anywhere to download robotc 1.52 or 1.53

  1. Create a Login at the RobotC Forum.

  2. Post a message to this thread, Where are the latest ROBOTC Beta Programs?.

  3. Get Everyone Else that is interested in VEXnet and ROBOTC to do the same. Maybe it will speed up the update process.

I am looking for the Copy of v1.54, I downloaded back in APR-2009.

The latest version of ROBOTC for IFI will be online at the CMU Website later today: Look for version 1.7. I was going to wait until I had confirmation that it was there before posting here again, but you people are **SO **impatient!

. Look for version 1.7. I was going to wait until I had confirmation that it was there before posting here again, but you people are **SO **impatient!

WE ARE NOT INPATIENT! We have high Standards, and we move in of the Vex line.Perceived Importance**Perceived Importance

Until this thread, no one at IFI had noticed that CMU hadn’t posted the newest version of ROBOTC on their download site. It was a simple oversight, not a lack of perceived importance. My own club uses ROBOTC (mostly) so we would have had the same problem when our first VEXnet upgrade gets here later this week. This probably didn’t come up earlier because the majority of our customers use Easy C. In any event, LegoMindstormsmaniac posted his problem just about two hours ago, we have contacted CMU, and the solution should be online today. That’s pretty good customer service, even in Internet time. I’ve spent more hours than that on the phone with a lot of other tech companies with much bigger staffs and bigger revenue.

thanks this should help a lot! :slight_smile:

i was wondering why there wasn’t anything, thanks for telling them so quick! :slight_smile:

CMU has the new code available for download:

really? all i see is the old 1.40 download…

wait never mind, i just had to clear my cache :slight_smile: yay! can’t wait to try it out!


Do we need VEXnet in order to run 1.7? Or can we have the controllers without VEXnet and still run the bots?

I asked the CMU folks that question. Version 1.7 works with either VEXnet or the old crystal controllers.

Cool…and…aw…this comes with no trial???

I will take some of the responsibility, I did not send an e-mail to to ask, I only posted on the ROBOTC forum, and did receive a mediocre reply from “jbflot (Site Admin)”, stating “1.40 is the newest version released for the VEX. We typically don’t release Beta versions except during competition times, when new features need rushed to the public.” That was on 12-JUN-2009…

I stand by my “perception” that ROBOTC for IFI is not given the same attention that ROBOTC for NXT is. But my opinion doesn’t count for much, I only own One License…

On a very positive note, I have much more “positive feedback” from ROBOTC in actual usage, verses Micro-Soft Robotics Development Studio.

In the future, I will post a message here at Vexforum, so that one of you can “talk to them”…

Ah – I thought you were unhappy with IFI, but it looks like it was CMU. The people who answer the address have always been useful to me. Thanks for clearing up my confusion.

Like ROBOTC v1.54β, the Installer seems to Uninstall “some” previous version… After Installing ROBOTC v1.70β for IFI, my Parallel Install of ROBOTC v1.52β was uninstalled…

On a positive note, the Sample Code included with ROBOTC v1.70β is quite extensive…

Unfortunately the Help File (e.g. RobotCIFI.chm) has reverted to v1.17 from v1.40.

More checking is in Progress…

Sorry, I was not trying to be confusing… IFI and Intelitek have been better that great…

I will be the first to admit that my documentation is lagging the product, but I still have not “narrowed down” all the new supported features of ROBOTC, they seem to be documented in Source Code, or so I have been told.

Anyone running Windows 7 RC x32? I seem to have problems acutally running the program… I get the error “Cannon create empty document”