[FONT=“Times New Roman”]Do we need the vexnet upgrade for this year’s competition? Is there a seperate competition template for RobotC with the VexNet? Is there a page with all of this information? Something that I heard from rumors is that wifi stuff can affect the VexNet connection, though that’s just some random guy that said it. Is it true?

Thanx!! In advanced!!![/FONT]

  1. As to whether or not you’re required to have VEXnet is dependent on the competition you attend. It is up to the event organizers whether or not they wish to implement the VEXnet system at their event.

  2. I’m not sure about the “template” but there is a different version you will need to have. This version can be downloaded at

  3. The VEXnet wiki page has all of this information. Here is the main page for VEXwiki,

  4. The wifi pieces are internally paired off with each other during manufacturing(or something along those lines) so their connection is solid.

Please feel free to correct me. :smiley:

Short Answer:
No, that’s not true. The VEXnet 802.11g Wireless Link is extremely robust, and will not be affected by “wifi stuff”.

Take a peek here:


What data rates can the VEXnet 802.11g Link handle?

A computer always has to be connected to the transmitter VEXnet pair to communicate to the VEXnet Robot Link. So the bottleneck will always be a USB to Serial Converter so 115200 Baud would be my best guess.

Hopefully one day VEX will open up the VEXnet USB pair so a computer can ping the robot independent of the transmitter.

In the distant future, I see IFI opening up inter-communication between robots over VEXnet! Swarms of VEXnet robots talking to each other at Championship !