VexOS 2.01


I just uploaded the new VEXOS 2.01 into a stack of robots.

In the default mode, The RGB touch sensor used to show green, if you touched it, it would turn Red and disable the robot. Touch again and it turns green and the robot runs again. This was pretty popular in that you could disable the robot, do repair on it and start it back up.

I’ve also noticed that with the new 2.4 and Smart Radio that turning the controller off, does not turn the robot off. Am I doing something wrong or was this a change?





Sorry for the confusion. Starting with VEXos 2.0.1 the default drive program only uses the motors and the bumper switches. If you select the “Demos” folder on the main menu you will see two demo programs called “Sensors” and “Autopilot”. The program “Sensors” performs just like the original driver control program. It will use the LED and other sensors.

As for the controller not turning off, that was a bug the should be fixed in VEXos 2.0.2. If you upgrade the the brain to 2.0.2 along with all the devices, controllers and smart radios, this issue should go away. If it does not please let us know.