VEXos 2.1.2 will not connect to ModKit

We have discovered that an IQ Brain with VEXos 2.1.2 will NOT connect to ModKit via ModKit link.

We have tried 3 different brains with VEXos 2.1.2 and attempted to connect all of them to 2 different PCs (Win 10 & Win 8) and 2 different Macs (High Sierra & Sierra), none will connect to ModKit.

An IQ Brain with VEXos 2.0.2 does connect to all 4 of the above computers using the same cable… so it is most certainly VEXos 2.1.2.


I also ran into the situation with 2.1.2 where I was trying to update computers in my computer lab & it would not work.
But it works just fine on several Win 10 Pro machines.

Just to clarify, I have a lab of 17 computers running Win XP Pro.

Please do not shoot the messenger, replacing them will probably never happen, i.e. small parochial school.
The lab’s existence will probably not exist next school year but I have this school year yet to finish.


@Paul_Meyers @ascstech
Make sure to download and install the latest Modkit and Modkit link from here:
That should get you going. You may also want to download and install the latest VEXos Update utility from here:
That will make sure you have the most up to date drivers for the VEX IQ brain and will also help you verify that the brain and computer are communicating correctly.

Also we do not officially support Windows XP. But you may want to try the latest VEXos Utility and latest Modkit.

Let us know if you run into any issues.


I have noticed that my Robot Brains with VexOS 2.1.2 will not connect to the Desktop version of Robot Mesh Studio. VexOS 2.0.2 will. Could this be a related issue?


@levipope Is there a new version of the iPad Modkit app that will work with 2.1.2 ?