VEXos for Chromebooks?

Anyway to use VEXos on Chromebooks?
We are trying to use the new VEX IQ Blocks for programming this year since we were able to obtain Chromebooks for each team, but can’t update anything (no VEX os for Chrome) therefore cannot download any programming.
It seems to not allow you to download unless everything is updated, which is probably a good thing!

(previously used Windows laptop & ModKit)

I realize we can update everything via another platform, but with 5 teams and a lot of components that could take awhile with just one other laptop that is not a Chromebook.

Any suggestions or do we just go back to the old way for this?

The vex IQ blocks has just recently developed, many other people on Forums have had similar issues.

If you’re not strictly set on ModKit, you could try Blockly instead, see . It worked on chromebook for me, even on my son’s school managed one (you need to install chrome extension, but that worked).

At some point you’d still need to update it though. @DRow any plans for VEXos updater on Chromebook?

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My issue is not with the programming language, sorry if that was not clear (although we are still learning it), it’s asking if VEXos will be usable with Chromebooks.

I see right now it is not, so hopefully in the future?

Probably I really need to use tho

We’re looking into how we can add this feature in a future update to build the update utility directly inside of VEXcode IQ Blocks.


Awesome!! That would be great if it can be implemented.

So far really liking the VEXcode for IQ!

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