VEXOS issue

Hi all,

Having issues with the VEXOS program. Once I connect my 2 year old Mac laptop to my IQ bot, the program initially connects and then loses/drops the connection after 1 second (literally - just long enough to see if all sensors/brain have been updated or not by seeing green outlines).

I have unplugged and replugged the microUSB cable (the one that came with the kit), even tried a non-VEX microUSB cable, restarted my laptop, uninstalled/reinstalled the app, etc. Using my own microUSB cable actually improved the speed of downloading programs to the IQBrain, but VEXOS continues to drop/lose the connection.

Anyone else experience this issue? Any resolved? I am going to email support@vex too, but thought I’d cast a wide net.


Are you sure it isn’t a problem with the brain/ cortex/(please-tell-me-what-it’s-called-I’m-not-in-IQ)? You can check this by downloading the program into a brain you know works.

I can download programs and run them without a problem. It’s not a brain issue. It’s definitely VEXos issue.

But that’s a good question to ask for troubleshooting!

Make sure all other programs that may be using the IQ are closed. ROBOTC, VEXcode blocks etc.


Good thought. Didn’t think that coding software could interfere with VEXOS. I’ll have to try that.

Meanwhile, if anyone else has other ideas, please do share!

That seems to have did it. I usually have many programs running at the same time, so I didn’t think that two programs would conflict with each other - and from the same software developer. If it works, then I won’t be posting on this thread agin.

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