VEXos plugged into IQ Brain, but not recognizing it


I have been trying to connect VEXos to my IQ brain. I am using my Macbook, Mojave OS. I have tried changing the cables, different USB ports on my Mac, rebooting the Brain, restarting my computer, and even reinstalled VEXos (Dec 2019 version). Nothing.

The kicker? I had updated 4 IQ brains prior to this one. Now, any new IQ brains don’t get recognized (either in OS or IQBlocks). I even went back to the first 4 brains and they do get recognized.

Any ideas what to do? I’m stumped.

Are you running the vexOS utility and VEXcode IQ blocks at the same time? If so, close one of them - if you have multiple programs trying to talk to IQ brains at once, none of them will be able to connect.

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No. I’m aware of that issue, but thanks for checking. Called tech support. After a couple more troubleshooting ideas, turned out it was a bad brain. In fact, 10 of them were bad. :tired_face: Sending them all in with an RMA.