VEXos Utility does not see V5 brain

My V5 brain has recently been updated to VexOS 1.0.8, and it mostly works right. I can use VEXCode Text or Blocks to upload programs and run them using direct USB connection. However, VEXos Utility does not recognize the brain. I’ve tried it with two laptops and several USB cables. Is VEXos Utility still supported? And if so, what does it mean when it cannot see the brain, but VEXCode can?

Do you mean the V5 Firmware Utility as shown is this KB article ?

If so, yes it is still supported. VEXcode text and/or blocks must be closed for it to be able to communicate with the V5. It’s important that only one VEX program is open at a time.

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Thank you, that was helpful. I was using something else.