Hi all, I have several teams working the last bit of summer on basic robots to work through the Crossover challenge. Just this week we updated 3 controllers to VEXos 2.0.1. In a period of about 2 hours. 1 controller locked up 3x, a 2nd controller locked up 1x and a 3rd controller locked up 1x. By locked up I mean you can power on the controller, run our driving program, the robot works flawlessly, then when you push the X to hold it down and turn off the controller it simply goes into a frozen state where it does not power off but all will not let you do anything else. The only thing we changed was updating to 2.0.1 this week. Has anybody else seen this?

Also, there use to be a way to re-flash the FW through the FW utility. I no longer see it available in the new VEXos Utility. Anybody know how to re-flash the controller or go back down in FW revision?