Vexplorer Camera

I have a computer with a TV card which has composite video inputs. Does anyone know how to get the camera images to show on a computer?

I assume you’ve tried hooking it up in the obvious way and it doesn’t work?

When trying to figure out problems like this, I try to isolate the problem first. I’d make sure that the whole rig works on a regular TV (VEXplorer Camera -> VEXplorer Receiver -> TV).

If that doesn’t work, double-check all the connections, batteries, channel switches, etc and try again. Once you get it to work, you can substitute your computer for the TV.

If it works on the TV and not on the PC card, it may be an interlace problem. I’ve seen a few cases where small security cameras don’t output fully compliant interlaced video, and that seems to be a bigger problem for modern digital TVs. See if your PC software has any settings that effect how it deals with interlaced signals.

Hope this helps,

  • Dean

It does work on my tv. I am using microsoft movie as the viewer and ther are a lot of settings to try. Thanks for the advice.