Vexplorer Colored camera

how do you use the vexplorer camera with vex?

oh wait nvm


anyone know someway to convert the signals from the 3 cable on the camera into something for a comp?

i saw something to do this for a gamecube but it was $150 :frowning:

i think you would need to break open the camera and find where the CMOS signals come from, then interpret from there

BTW to read the AV signals coming from the 3wire interface i believe you would need a very fast microprocessor

What do you display the Vexplorer’s Camera on and how is it connected??

its a tv with a video and two audio inputs; the usual red yellow and white wires

i don’t actually have the camera myself, i was jsut thinking for when vex wifi comes out it would be awesome if we could develop an “online code” where we control vex from our computer and could see through the camera on it- for tasks such as feeding a dog or starting a washing machine up, etc. we would be able to do with with wifi if you had a tv and a computer, but making it comp only would be better

This is definitely possible with the Charmed Labs Qwerk controller, which uses a USB-attached webcam for its streaming video. The video is sent over Wifi (or wired ethernet), rather than a dedicated RF link like the VEX camera. I assume the VEX Pro “Qwerk” Controller will work the same way, so it should have this capability too.

As for VEX WiFi, neither the VEX 1.5 WiFi Upgrade Kit, nor the new VEX 2.0 controller will support streaming video via WiFi. If you want video with those controllers, you’ll continue to use the VEXplorer camera (or some other camera with its own video link).

This is all gleaned from the new product FAQ.


  • Dean

That means that it is a Composite Video and Stereo Audio (L+R) signal.

A TV Tuner, Like the Hauppauge WinTV line of PCI cards or USB devices would let you view the Vexplorer Video on you computer. Not all TV Tuners have Composite Video input.

I remember talking to the PR guy at the VEX world competition about the Qwerk Controller and he mentioned that you would be able to use the webcam like you described.

world domination from the comfort of your own bedroom.

lol if only the battery lasted long enough