VEXplorer Electronics

**Q: We’d like to use the VEXplorer Robot to play the Elevation game as part of the VEX Robotics Competition. Is this allowable?

**A: Per the VEX Robotics Competition Elevation rules, specifically rule <R5> the VEXplorer ELECTRONICS & MOTORS are not legal. All the other VEXplorer mechanical components are considered official VEX components, and are fine for competition usage.

Note, your robot MUST abide by all other VEX Robotics Competition Robot Rules to be legal.

**VEXplorer electronics = NO!
VEXplorer mechanicals = yes.

**Q: We understand the VEXplorer electronics & motors are illegal for VEX Robotics Competition usage. If we’d still like to use the VEXplorer to play Elevation how would we go about doing it?

**A: You will need to upgrade the electronics such that they meet the requirments as outlined in the VEX Robotics Competition Elevation Game Manual (specifically in the “Robot” section).

Your robot needs:

*](1) VEX Microcontroller
*](1 or 2) VEX Receiver Modules + (1 or 2) VEX Transmitter Modules
*](4) VEX Continuous Rotation Motors to replace the (illegal) VEXplorer Motors
*](1) VEX 7.2V Robot Battery
Your robot needs to meet all VEX Robotics Competition Rules to be legal for competition, refer to Section 4 “The Robot” specifically to rule <R5> for more information on allowable parts.