Vexplorer headlight Mod

I hastily mounted this light to my Vexplorer.

It has a sturdy back panel with a foam rubber pad on it that could be drilled to mount to a bracket or directly to a Vex part. It has 6 detent positions for a variety of positioning possibilities. In the 1 watt mode it is so powerful the lamp gets warm! Night vision is cool too. I took some screen caps in the different modes as well.


Thats an interesting mod, now try interfacing the headlight with the radio controller so that when you push one of the buttons on the controller it turns on.

To do this you would hook up a 12vdc relay just like a motor and then the relay would switch the power to the light on and off.

Once you start doing mods like that you will open up thousands of possibility’s that take your robot to the next level.

Already had that idea. The light has a 4 detent push button switch on top. I thought of designing a circuit that would cycle through all 4 positions with consecutive inputs from the controller. I hate to hack up the light to gain access to the switch though, maybe later.

You could always depress the switch with some tape so it would always be on then you can take wires and connect them to the battery prongs so when you apply power it goes straight to the light and it will turn on.

That way you don’t have to really hack the light and it can still be used if you wanted to use it.

You could also buy some ultra bright leds and make your own light.

With the relay… I thought that the two outside prongs supplied constant power… whether a signal was being sent to the motor/servo or not. I have a laser plugged in like the vex flashlight and it always stays on… Wouldn’t that keep the relay open constantly?

This is true for Vex (3-wire) ports. The relay mod that robofreak mentions is for attachment to a VEXplorer (2-wire) motor port.


  • Dean