Vexplorer issues/instructions

Was I the only one out there that thought that the Vexplorer wrist was insanely difficult and a major pain to install as per instructions?

Also, does anyone happen to have instructions on the construction of the pre-assembled parts included in the Vexplorer kit? The instruction book included doesn’t…

A full CAD model of the VEXplorer is available from, maybe this will help you with the assembly.

The only problem I had with the Wrist Kit was that the holes in the claw assembly didn’t match up with the holes in the 84 tooth gears like it showed in the instructions.

I used some 1 x 4 VEX bars, 1/4 beams, washers, and 3/16 spacers to make my own mount for the claw. It worked out really well and I made a few improvements too, like adding spacers and delrin washers to the motor axle assembly.

I would send you a picture of my VEXplorer if I could, but I finally took it apart last year and I didn’t take any pictures of it. The Wrist Kit was really worth it though. It adds a lot more freedom of movement to the arm and with the Tank Tread Kit and Flashlight Kit, the VEXplorer is really cool!

my problem was getting those stinkin’ plastic white washers (evil things) in the way that the instructions showed. A pair of tweezers and three hours of chasing them across the room later, i got it finished. Maybe i was just over/under thinking it. and yes, the wrist is SO worth it. The only thing is that the giant gear interrupts the camera field of vision. But hey, i can handle that.