Vexplorer on Mythbusters

It is nice to see Mythbusters continued interest in Vex. The tested VEX by building a pack bot as seen in Robot Magazine.
On last night’s episode Kari, Grant and Tori were discussing the myth of using jeans to slide down a cable and a Vexplorer was sitting on the table in front of them.

I was watching that episode but i must have missed the first 5 min of so.

I don’t know how you can see things like that, i never find things like that in movies or on tv.

If i watch the movie over and over again i will eventually see it but i am usually pretty tired.

I am going to try and replicate the mythbusters packbot, it wont have 2 tank tread assembly’s but a large wheel assembly as the climbing part because i don’t have 2 tank tread assembly’s although i am going to buy another one later on.

I saw it too!