VEXplorer parts legal?

So I know I posted this in the official forum but I need an answer quick so I figured I would see if all of you would answer quicker. Thanks!

I know <R5> states that “Robots may be built ONLY from Official Robot Components from the VEX Robotics Design System unless otherwise specifically noted within these rules.”

Does this mean that parts such as the 48-tooth red gear from the VEXplorer kit is legal? This would be great as it would allow us to make a 4:1 ratio with gears as opposed to chain or HS Chain.


Yeah, only vexplorer electronics are illegal, so the gears should be allowed.

Wow, even those special black parts and everything are legal? That’s surprising.

Great news, thanks for the quick response. I’ll move forward with this info and hopefully the official answer will just reinforce what you said.


yeah we used the irregular sized gears on our pole (needle or drill) and they worked perfect because they meshed 5 holes apart verses the 60 tooth 6 holes and the 36 tooth 4 holes apart, it worked great