VEXplorer SolidWorks Topic -By Vex Man-

Does anyone have any info about the SolidWorks CD included in the VEXplorer kit? :confused: Mainly about why it no longer works after Nov. 30 2008? In addition I would also like to know if there is any possible way to get it to work such as registering it or something else. Thanks for reading and thanks for anyone who puts up a post. :slight_smile:

-Vex Man-

The solidworks included in the Vexplorer package is only student edition and therfore will only work for a certain amount of time (year or two). You can purchase another student edition two year license of solidworks at for bout 100 bucks… you can also purchase cosmos with solidworks which allows you to do interesting tests on things you have built…


i was wondering the same thing about the solidworks that comes with the vexplorer kit it says that it will not work after november 31 2008 but i purchased my vexplorer after that date so i should be able to at least get a 150 day license from the time of purchase but it doesn’t really matter because i already have inventor anyway

I agree I recieved Vexplorer as a gift for christmas, only to discover it no longer worked. And I know that it was purchased after Nov. 30.

i agree but there is another problem cuz the solid works also does not work with windows Vista on my brand new laptop it made me mad and i cant even download if from Vex CAD :mad:

I know, it was frustrating for me too.

When I bought my Vexplorer, my old computer had Windows ME and Solidworks wouldn’t work on it. It wasn’t worth the money to upgrade to Windows XP because my old computer would have barely been able to run it. Then when I got my new laptop, I found out that Solidworks wouldn’t work on Windows Vista either.

I was really wanting to try the software and I never got to try it out. Then I went to the Solidworks website and found out that the free or cheap version was only available for students. So I was really shut out.

I got a vexplorer for Christmkas too and I know it was purchesed after Nov. 30 2008. I think the reason they don’t work is because the were manufactured long before Nov. 30 2008

I just got an evil idea. If you have a computer that can run SolidWorks and that you don’t mind doing this to, the solution is simple. just disconnect from the internet and turn your computer’s clock back before the set expiration date.
It will most likey confuse anything that you would try to do on the internet with the clock like that anyway (internet security certificates have a time label on them) but it’s completely reversible, albeit kind of excessive.

Not to spoil it…but I’m not sure this will work. I think it will sense each day going by and then take one day off the number of days. It might work on old computers, though. Actually, I’m not sure it will work.

Nah, if it expired on Nov. 30 it relies on the internal clock. i’m pretty sure it’ll work.

Oh. It’s evil, but if I were made about an expiring software, why not? Get out the old pc one you don’t use anymore and use that. Good idea!!:slight_smile:

It’s worth a shot at least. I just wish I’d though of it before my old laptop with SolidWorks died :frowning:

Re: VEXplorer SolidWorks Topic
Time bombs on commercial software are clever science that readily defeats piracy efforts based on manipulating the system date.
A time bomb is privileged software that’s notified whenever the system (CMOS or Windows) date changes beyond what’s expected. It can use known date stamps on Windows system files to establish a low water mark. It can randomly examine your system during idle periods, looking for files newer than the current clock. And then there are irresistible downloads on the SolidWorks site packed with handy installers. Your HTTP POST for the download will show an inappropriate date, and the installer for the new goodie will trigger a reauthorization, which you’ll fail. As for being evil, make that stupid. The people who make SolidWorks and so generously provided it to students are bound to think twice about doing it again. After all, the reason to give away software is that it generates highly qualified leads. Pirates never buy.

oh… oh well…I didn’t know it was illegal…

Wow, that’s quite interesting… Maybe not such a good idea…