vexplorer tank treads.

Well my b-day was yesterday and my dad got me some tank treads. I think he accidentally got me the vexplorer ones, not that it really matters, but when I am building a robot and I connect the servo motor to the sprocket thing, its nice and sturdy. The other sprocket in the back is wobbly though, what can I do to fix that?

Quick diagram to maybe help you see what I am saying.

You need to make sure the wobbly axle is supported at more than one point along its length. So, run the wobbly axle through two bearing blocks separated by at least an inch (you can use the aluminum spacers for that).

Something like this:


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As usual, an excellent Picture!!! Just makes me want a new Mac!!!

i am so jealous quazar!!! who needs CAD??? lol jk, now me really wants a mac, although one things for sure this vista thing they call an OS has to go

Thanks for the picture, it completely kills mine.

I have had this happen occasionally on this robot where i didn’t have long enough axles to run them all the way through two plates. the next best thing to do if you can’t use two plates is to apply pressure to both ends of everything on the axle and then tighten the shaft collars while it is on.

rubber bands work well sometimes too:D